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Stephanopoulos Gets Nothing Out of Cohen

Disgraced lawyer insists Trump knew paying hush money "was wrong."

Continuing the trend established by other purveyors of Fake News, George Stephanopolous totally ignored President Trump’s defense in an interview today on "Good Morning America" with Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, that touched on Cohen's accusation that Trump directed him to make unlawful payments to two of the president's alleged former mistresses. Former Federal Election Commission (FEC) members Bradley Smith and Hans von Spakovsky, as well as other legal experts, contend the payments were personal and therefore not subject to campaign finance laws. One could disagree with their reasoning, but to simply ignore it as Stephanopoulos did is willful negligence of the type typically practiced by the anti-Trump press. Stephanopoulous, who served as White House Director of Communications under President Clinton, likewise failed to ask Cohen any questions about what specifically was said between then-candidate Trump and Cohen.

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Judge Napolitano Ignores Trump's Defense

Fox News legal analyst insists: "It's not debatable."

Fox News is frequently disparaged as a pro-Trump outlet, but Judge Andrew Napolitano, the network’s Senior Judicial Analyst, is so enamored of the U.S. Justice Department’s Southern District of New York office, he refuses to even consider the possibility that then-candidate Donald Trump acted lawfully in connection with hush money paid to two of his former alleged mistresses. Napolitano’s attitude is downright weird, because most legal commentators agree the “case” against Trump hinges at least partly on whether or not the payments were personal or political. But in three interviews yesterday, Napolitano was adamant that the president is guilty of one crime or another. On Planet Napolitano, the president’s defense (that his “private transaction” isn’t regulated by election laws) simply doesn’t exist. Moreover, when he appeared on Fox News, Napolitano told “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer that Trump will — indeed, must — be indicted:

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Mistress Payments: Personal or Political?

Trump and Cohen could only guess.

The Michael Cohen sentencing memorandum is ostensibly a legal document that eschews any political agenda, but in lieu of actual evidence, the anti-Trump press is using an intentionally slippery reference to “ Individual-1” to attack the president with hackneyed aspersions about payments made to two women who claim to have had affairs with him. Although nobody knows what Trump might have said or done that could reasonably be construed as “directing” Cohen to commit any crime, in an opinion piece about “the legal clouds over President Donald Trump,” Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace presents the U.S. Justice Department’s unsupported assertion as her conclusion: “The court filing Friday makes clear that the payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal were made to benefit Trump politically.” Actually, the intent of the payments might have been more to preserve conjugal peace. It seems Pace embraced Cohen's and the prosecutor’s accusation without even realizing it. She then falsely claims "Trump's only defense" is that " a liar." 

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